Dr. Thomas Steinert

advises individuals, teams, projects and organizations in rapid development of new agile approaches and organizational designs. He used the power of creativity for fast track changes. He is a certified coach and neuro-psychologist. He stands for rapid development leaps and is a leading exponent of humanistic psychology.


Our Team

We are a growing team and promote your individual creativity and are looking for other 'comrades-in-mind' in the areas of 'Coaching and Creativity Growth' , 'Community Building' and 'Innovative forms of living and working'. We are highly experienced professionals in the fields of economics, cultural management, organization, innovation, classic- amd neuro-psychology, mathematics and information technology.
Please send us a note, what you do want to do with us. Thomas will reply personally and you will have a call.

Sabine Tober

Senior Change Principle

With over 20 years of professionalism in consulting with boards, management and executives, she is a passionate developer of new ways and lived effective leadership. With her latest approaches in neuro-psychology she promotes peak performance, agile developments and self-direction processes in high-performance teams.

Andre Wyllie

Senior Trainer/Coach

Many rich years of experience as an executive and life coach as well as a consultant and trainer on leadership, team building and human resource development in organizations. He is a passionate coach for fulfilling life and personal aspirations, this also as coach with emphasis on Leadership and Organizational Behaviors

Andreas Burkhardt

Senior Manager

With over 25 years of IT experience from the project world, the top management of a DAX company and as a management consultant, he builds dynamic, innovative, agile and digital bridges together with his customers, on the way to future viability. He is deeply committed to the fulfillment of lively teams full of trust in the own competencies

Ashkan Ghamshi

Senior Software Engineer

Extensive experience in software development, including mobile and web applications. Design and build data-intensive systems using the latest technology.

Razuanur Rahman

Multifaceted Professional and Strategic Leader

Accomplished and multifaceted professional with a diverse portfolio spanning coordination, team leadership, IT management, account auditing, and more. With a proven track record in roles such as educator, trainer, social media strategist, customer advocate, and content creator, Razuanur brings a wealth of expertise to every endeavor.

Esha Nouman

Senior Content Strategist and Manager

Esha Nouman is a seasoned and versatile professional with a wide range of experience in different aspects of content management. In her role as Senior Content Strategist and Manager, Esha has a proven track record of strategizing and implementing content plans that enhance business goals and engage users.

Niaz Mahmud Sakib

Professional SEO and Writer

A versatile professional with skills in SEO, customisation, writing, translating and PR, who is a well-rounded expert in executing tasks he thinks would help most the company, the consumer or the reader . He has a knack for for producing and distributing high-quality content that appeals to different readers and clients.